SHINNY BOX: The Box Of Your Dream 

Fully customisable 

 Each month, receive a selection of self-improvement books chosen for you and a set of handmade products inside a beautiful box.

From 45.99/month 

Thoughful & Empowering 

Customise your Box


Easy to order

Every month delivery

Unique Concept

I think, I act, I shine

 Here's how Shinny box works:

1.  Fill Out The Test

Answer a short questionnaire about your hobbies, preferences and we’ll prepare a customised box for you.  

2. Our Team Create Your custom Box

We analyse your answers and choose books and products for you.

3. Unwrap & Shine

 You can buy the products you’d discovered in our boxes with the coupon code. 


A book according to your taste, Handmade jewellery, Scented candles and homemade essential oils with exceptional properties  Recipes and cosmetic bead to make your own cream and plenty of other gifts..


Why buy with us? 

 All gifts from our boxes are spec filly designed and crafted by Shinny Box women entrepreneurs in France. The majority of our products are handmade and exclusively developed by women. 


What is Shinny Box?

Shinny Box is a specially crafted box keeping your style in mind. Each month, you receive a book and a few handmade products. Let our box change you. 

Since July 2018, our official boxes come in limited editions and due to high demand, they often go out of stock in quite quick time. So don’t delay, go ahead and order your subscription box now.

The Shinny Box is a customisable monthly box. Each month, we send you a unique self-contained box according to your tastes, desires, and passions.

Among the products received, you will find a complete book, supplemented by surprise gifts for your wellbeing, and learning or as a support for the book. The products are used on a daily basis.

You have the choice between 4 formulas to as part of your subscription: 

1. Monthly

2. 3 months

3. 6 months

4. 12 months

Woman gift box: Women gift box comes under three different types of subscription.  3 months, 6 months or 12 months. This is the ideal wellness gift box to young women.

Special occasions box: To make your special day memorable, we offer a variety of specially designed Shinny Box keeping the theme of the day in consideration. Try one of our special days Shinny Box for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s Day.

Ready to crack for our Box? Have a look our product reviews, make a comparison and test them. You will understand why thousands of women trust our products.

Shinny Box is the idea subscription plan for those women who love doing things by themselves. It is the best gift a woman can offer to herself. Our boxes are designed and conditioned in France. They are certified by FSC/ PEFC labels.


 Beyond the present received, I am delighted to have chosen this boxing instead of one of beauty. 

Lilou - Montpellier, 32 y/o

 Finally, a box made by a woman for women! To recommend for pleasure or to offer!!  

Cassandra - Salon - 45y/o

 Super box, s’adapte vraiment à chaque type de personne, impatiente de recevoir la prochaine ! 

Blake Mess - Lyon, 28ans